Monday, 23 January 2017

Ibiza 2016

Apologies if posting this has heightened anybody's case of the January Blues but I couldn't help but share these photos I recently got developed from my Summer trip to Ibiza. As you probably saw on my Instagram feed,  I had the loveliest week filled with sun, cocktails and a handful of my closest friends.

There's something very nostalgic about taking roll upon roll of holiday film into my local camera shop and eagerly awaiting their return. Immediately after scanning these I couldn't wait to get them stuck up on my wall with all my other developed prints, nothing quite cheers me up on a drizzly winters day like reminiscing over days spent lazing in the sun.

If you're taking a trip abroad this year I thoroughly recommend finding a cheap second hand film camera. I picked up an Olympus Trip at my local independent camera shop for about £20 and with it being a sturdy point and shoot style camera I found it very useful to just pop in my bag as we headed out for the day. The camera itself was actually designed to be the ideal film camera for holidaying, working best in sunny conditions and being one of the simplest cameras I've ever used it really was one of the best additions to my suitcase.

Mol x 


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