Friday, 24 March 2017

February trip to Amsterdam

This February I was lucky enough to spend four nights in Amsterdam with the loveliest lady EVER. We spent most of our time there hitting up all the galleries and cutest eateries, and just being typical ex art students (yes -  we absolutely were THOSE girls). 

On our first night we checked into our hotel (NH Collection Amsterdam Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky), which was absolutely lovely and smack bang right in the middle of Dam Square, right next to the the red light district. After we'd checked in our luggage we headed out to grab some food and have a wander. We had a mooch around the red light district, took a LOT of photos of canals and crammed a whole load of waffles into our faces before heading off to our first exhibition. 

The first exhibition we visited was Gunther Von Havens' Body Worlds, and in all honesty we both left feeling quite sick. It's the kind of gruesome that you can't help but stare at, seeing all sorts of ailments and illnesses of the human body you'd never see otherwise, in a completely unprecedented way. 

Displayed over several floors, you start from the top and work your way down, meandering through various sections which are all very immersive with various interactive installations and plenty of information to read.

At the Floating Flower Market we bought some souvenirs for our families and took about a gazillion photo's of the beautiful flowers before realising that there's approximately 101 'no photos' signs plastered at every stall, oops. 

The rest of the week was spent wandering around Amsterdam's various districts, ticking off the major tourist attractions like the Ann Frank house, Rijksmuseum and the Sex Museum.

The place we were most excited to try out was Getto, mostly based off people's Instagram posts of the hilarious pickle willies they top off their Diva Burgers with, and we were not disappointed.

Elvis, the resident cat at Getto

We ate an ungodly amount of waffles, took wayyy too many Instagram's and stole a ton of free WiFi, but most importantly we had one of the most care-free weeks I've experienced in a long time. I came back feeling far more positive than I'd felt in months, not to mention the amount of memories I'd made (and lugged home in my suitcase in the form of film canisters!). I'll be uploading a post filled with all the photos from my camera as soon as I get them developed, similar to my one here about my trip to Ibiza.

Mol x


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  1. Amsterdam looks so scenic and beautiful! I was in awe looking at all these pictures!


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