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Track by Track, my Rainy Day playlist

Although I love hearing the rain whilst I'm wrapped up inside under a blanket with the windows slightly ajar, I do not love having to commute to work - or anywhere at all for that matter - in it. One thing that makes the whole ordeal slightly more bearable is having a great playlist to listen to along the way.

I like to have a mix of old and new (or mostly old and older haha), melancholy and ~comparatively~ upbeat songs to guide me through the miserable weather and into a positive head space when I finally reach the office at the other end.

1. Up first is Paradise Circus by Massive Attack, quite a moody track with a repetitive beat that I find really gives me the push I need to get out the door and start my drizzly early morning walk to the train station, without making me feel like I need to be too cheerful about it.

2. Here's one that's not too upbeat but has enough rhythm to get me motivated. What I love about about this one is that alongside the hauntingly beautiful vocals is the powerful and forward flowing way the track moves, Synesthesia people will get me with this one! It really feels like it's propelling me through my morning and filling me with the determination I need to make it a productive day.

3. I find this track so eerily beautiful, and a perfect match for the peaceful looking South Downs I'm lucky enough to have as the backdrop to my daily commute into the city. It's a lovely song to watch the fields and rolling hills flash past through the train windows to, in fact anything by Daughter really calms me and lifts my mood. The gorgeous acoustic sounds and ethereal yet muted vocals really do compliment the overcast Sussex scenery, taking the edge off the packed 7.54 service to Brighton.

4. Red Hot Chili Peppers will always kindle a sense of nostalgia within me, and this tune is just absolutely stunning. The soft vocals and drum beat really make this a beautiful choice that gently eases me into my day. It will forever remind me of the moon over a calm sea, why? Who knows, but four year old Mollie was absolutely entranced by this song, and I'll have to admit, I still am.

5. By now you're probably wondering why I'm stuck in the 90's, but I just find that the rainy weather really makes me crave comfort! Boots, good coffee and songs that fill you with that fuzzy feeling of 100 memories flooding back to you all at once are all definitely things I want on a miserable morning!

6. Again, this is another track that sounds so pretty and gentle, and seems to lift you up along with the rise and fall of the Sussex countryside. I feel like Skinny Love is a track that everyone who was a teen in the late 00s will have saved in their songs on Spotify.

7. Lately I've been playing this song on repeat. Tash Sultana has such a cool laid back style and the way the song rolls along really relaxes me and puts me in a great head space ready for work.

8. Lucy Rose has such a delicate sounding voice, and who can't help but feel positive whilst listening to her flowing folk pop sound? Another song I played non stop during secondary school and will always have a bit of a soft spot for.

9. Now this - THIS - could be my favourite song of all time. I've absolutely adored it since early childhood, and I seriously doubt I'll ever stop. I think everyone has songs that are just a part of them and this is absolutely one of those for me.

10. Another song I grew up listening to all throughout my childhood is Beast of Burden. Every album from their debut all the way through to about Voodoo Lounge will remind me of my Dad and his jukebox choices. Like I said before, on rainy mornings all I really want is a bit of nostalgia to comfort me in the gloomy weather,  and this never fails to do the trick.

11. No rainy day playlist could ever be complete without a version of this song and for me the original will always be my favourite. The weathers crap and it's okay to feel down about that, pop your earphones in and embrace it!

12. I love the way this song washes over me, it feels so easy to listen to and I often find my mind wandering away during listening to it. I find it's a great one to contemplate whilst listening to, especially on journeys. Again, this is another song that hails from my childhood and that I still love listening to it on the regular.

 13. It could be because this song features in of one of my all time favourite films (You've Got Mail) but it makes me feel a bit like Meg Ryan walking through an awakening downtown Manhattan ( a girl can dream, right?!) as I make my way down Queens Road from the station to my office and it never fails to make me feel so wistful about the day ahead.

14. Something about this song just sounds so right for a journey. Maybe it's the way the guitar pitter patters along, or possibly the way it sets me up for my day with it's cries of "Here's to Now" inspiring me to seize the day and to quite frankly bloody get on with it all despite the shitty weather.

15. this is also one of my all time favourite songs... I have a lot, I know. I find this is a great song to listen to whilst walking in any weather, but especially when it's drizzling. Everyone loves a bit of Elton John and this is a absolute classic, and although my morning commute isn't quite as exciting as rocketing into space, this track definitely makes it more enjoyable.

What's your favourite song to listen to on a rainy day?

Mol x


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  1. This is a really creative blog post! I like how you explain when you listen to these songs. I love listening to the rain, but a playlist is good too.


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